V. L. Kiker Estate, Ltd. Property Descriptions

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Coal County

Custer County

Fisher County

Grady County

Hughes County

Okfuskee County

Pontotoc County

Seminole County

Woods County


Seminole County Oil Rig at sunset
Seminole County Oil Rig at sunset


V.L. Kiker Estate oil and gas mineral rights are primarily found in the state of Oklahoma in these counties: Seminole County, Okfuskee County, Hughes County, Pontotoc CountyWoods County, Custer County, Coal County, Grady County and in Fisher County, Texas.

“Seminole County has been an important part of the Oklahoma and United States petroleum industry for over 80 years. The Greater Seminole Field was one of the most important oil fields ever found and is still producing. Discovered one field after another in 1926, it contained an estimated 822,000,000 barrels (130,700,000 m3) of oil.  To group the fields together, the oil companies decided to come up with a name, and this was suggested by Paul Hedrick, oil editor of the Tulsa World. Other important oil fields in the area were the Cromwell oil field, discovered in 1923, and the Maud oil field. The Maud field, discovered in 1927 by Amerada Petroleum, was the first discovery using reflection seismology. This marked the beginning of the use of modern geophysical methods in the petroleum industry.”–Wikipedia

Thousands of new wells are drilled each year in Oklahoma.
In 2016 nearly every county will see new activity.