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About Us

V.L. Kiker Estate, Ltd.

Our history began when Vernon Lee Kiker was born in Alabama, in 1888.  He moved to Oklahoma in the early days of this country’s petroleum development, and was fortunate that his move coincided with the Oklahoma oil boom.  He started out as a school teacher, but soon discovered the adventurous path of the oil business.  In those early days, Oklahoma was blessed to have more shallow oil than any other state, which allowed it to be more compatible with the existing technology of the day.   

In 1914, Vernon married Elizabeth Marguerite Davis, daughter of Alice Brown Davis,  the first woman Indian chief of the Seminole Tribe.  At that time, much of the Oklahoma land and mineral rights were owned by Native Americans.  Marrying Bess, who spoke Seminole, helped make it possible for Vernon to communicate and negotiate for many of the minerals that are owned by the V.L. Kiker Estate today.   

Always passionate in his goals, Vernon entered politics, and served several years in the Oklahoma State House of Representatives.  He later became a rancher, and lived on a small ranch close to Cromwell, Oklahoma, where he and Bess raised their four children.

During the depression, the family moved to Wewoka, Oklahoma in Seminole County, where Vernon lived the rest of his life, continuing to acquire and accumulate the stockpile of minerals that now make up the V. L. Kiker Estate, Ltd. Properties.  Today, they are currently owned and managed by his grandchildren.

VL Kiker Family Portrait circa 1962
VL Kiker Family Portrait circa 1962

Family of V. L. Kiker:
Wife: Bessie Kiker

Children of V. L. Kiker:
Guy Barton Kiker (Guy B. Kiker)
(Oklahoma City, OK)
Elizabeth Harris (Springdale, AR)
Vernon Lee Kiker Jr. (Alta Dena, CA)
Davis Patterson Kiker (Dave Pat Kiker) (Norman, OK)

Grandchildren of V. L. Kiker:
Karen Kiker (Carmel Valley, CA)
Alice Turnbow (Tulsa, OK)
Budgie Lee Harris (Farmington, AR)
Davis Patterson Kiker II (Inola, OK)
Virginia Campbell (Springdale, AR)


V. L. Kiker Grandchildren circa 1962
V. L. Kiker Grandchildren circa 1962


Central Office: 

V. L. Kiker Estate, Ltd.
in c/o Turnbow-Kiker, Ltd.
P.O. Box 1171
Jenks, OK  74037

Karen Kiker

Email: karen@vlkikerestateltd.com

Bessie & Vernon Kiker circa 1970
Bessie & Vernon Kiker circa 1970

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